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Your Big Day Made Easy

Trying to save money by doing it all yourself?

Find yourself searching for ideas and pricing for hours?

Do you find Wedding Decor and craft projects  taking over your home?

Want that perfect Pinterest  look but not sure where to start?

How it Works





Step One:

Send us photos, tell us your story, pick colors, choose linen...piece together your dream.

Step Two:

During your consultation we encourage you to play with color combinations, choose sashes, play with accessories, try different ties, or add candles.  We want you to realize your picture perfect look! Well record the supplies you will need to create your look yourself, including floral for simple centerpieces. 


Examples of Diy Centerpieces


Step Three
As your wedding day approaches bring in your setup team made of family and friends.  We will teach you all how to recreate your wedding vision.  From chair ties to napkin folds.  Saving cost wherever you can including labor, all at the same time turning planning back into a fun experience.  You have the peace of mind knowing exactly the high quality products you ordered will be ready and waiting for your pick up.  If numbers change you can subtract or add quantity at any point.  Saving you the stress of under buying or over buying. Get fresh floral for the same price as artificial or even less.  This is a one stop solution to getting your picture perfect look without the stress. 

Step Four
Pick up everything you'll need.  Return that following Monday or avoid the hassle and have our team do it for you.  Enjoy your beautiful perfect day!

Happy Planning!